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Winvestor helps you to...

  • Find the
    best stocks

    With more than 38,000 companies ready analyzed, ranked and valued, Winvestor allows you to easily pick the best stocks at the right time - within less than 5 minutes!

  • Save Huge
    Amounts of Time

    Don’t have time to do endless research? Winvestor has done it for you and combined 15 years of experience with the winning strategies of Warren Buffett and co!

  • Avoid
    Costly Mistakes

    Even if you’re new to the stock market, with Winvestor you’ll be safe. You get access to all the market data you need in order to avoid costly, painful mistakes and reduce risks.

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Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up For Free

Have you seen the movie Other People’s Money? Then I’m sure you’ll remember Carmen - Garfield’s computer who’s scanning for undervalued stocks.

Now imagine a Stock Screener that didn’t just point you towards undervalued stocks. But that would actually offer you over 38,000 ready analyzed, ranked and valued companies... using a combined strategy of growth, quality and value to ensure maximum results and minimum risks!

Winvestor has developed a ranking system that analyzes, compares and values all available stocks worldwide so that you can decide within less than 5 minutes what to buy and when to buy. And know exactly what you’re doing without having to invest years of your life.

This is exactly what you get when you sign up to become a Winvestor!

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Get Started for Free and Create Wealth

Winvestor is the fastest, safest and easiest way to create wealth as an investor - even if you think the market knows more than you, you believe you’re not “smart” enough to be a successful investor or you simply have no clue how and where to start.

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Here’s What Hundreds of Successful Winvestor’s Are Saying

  • I've taken some time to explore Winvestor and I must say it's one of the best resources I've come across for investors.By Rupert H.

  • I love your website. It's great for finding and tracking top quality companies … fast and easyBy Jan van B.

  • Good and easy to use website which reflects the financial information of thousands of businesses in a clear and understandable manner.By Peter B.

  • Compliments for your contribution to the investment world. The information is very useful and selection page saves a great amount of time.By Nick J.

  • Thank you Winvestor ... with your website’s information I can really make better investment decisions. I use the rankings to see if it’s a good performing & low risk company and the valuation estimation as an indicator when to buy and sell. It also saves me a great amount of time concentrating on things that matter.By Paul B.

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Stop Speculating. Start Investing.

If you’re looking for a smart, efficient and reliable tool to build wealth, Winvestor is absolutely right for you.

At Winvestor, we help ambitious investors focus on a company’s fundamental financial performance. You won’t get “hot tips” or sketchy guru advice that’s all hype and no substance.

What you will get though is a sustainable strategy and a tested and proven system to pick and choose the best stocks to buy... so that you can invest your money wisely and save time and energy on dreary research.

Because we know you’re not here to gamble. You’re here to create wealth.

How to Use Winvestor

  • Winvestor Stock Screener | Find the Best Stocks to Buy - Selection Page

    Select the best stocks to buy

    At the selection page you’ll find over 38,000 ready analyzed, ranked and valued companies. With our simple and easy-to-use stock screener and our combined strategy, you can quickly search for stocks based on name, index, market cap, sector & industry, region & country and/or valuation!

  • Winvestor Stock Screener | Find the Best Stocks to Buy - Selection Page growth rank

    One click to wealth

    With only one click you can rank your chosen companies based on their best-to-worst growth, quality and value performance - with the best combined financial ratios at your fingertips! You can even create custom, individual portfolios and observe how your chosen companies perform over time to make improvements and ensure constant growth.

  • Winvestor Stock Screener | Find the Best Stocks to Buy - Knowledge Page Analysis

    No Confusing Numbers

    All the essential knowledge to make smart, informed decisions is available in trend graphs, charts and colors to visually speed up the analyzing process and make sure you’re not confused or overwhelmed by complicated numbers. Simply click on any number and the trend or score is instantly visible

And these are just some examples! Whether you’re a more advanced investor looking for the next ten bagger or a beginner learning about the S&P500, Winvestor offers quick and easy solutions for you.

Just sign up for a free account and start exploring the possibilities now. The next opportunity is already waiting for you inside the platform!

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3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Become A Winvestor (= Winning Investor)

• Winvestor lets you quickly determine what to buy (growth & quality) and when to buy (valuation).

• Winvestor makes the entire research process much simpler and faster — and greatly improves your chances of making profitable investments.

• Winvestor helps you focus on fundamentals and identify the best companies, and most attractive investment opportunities, at the best price possible.